Future Of Electric Cars in India: Pros and Cons

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Is India ready for electric vehicles?

Electric Cars have become one of the sustainable factors for the environment. It is next gen mobility that will replace the petrol and diesel cars and contribute significantly towards the society.

So, let’s discuss about electric vehicle for a better understanding-

What is an Electric Car?

Electric Cars are relatively a newer concept in the automobile industry. It holds the power to outsell fossil-fuel-powered vehicles within two decades as battery prices plunge.

This signals the revolution to fuel energy based vehicles that not only does good to nature but also helps in case of taxation credit and more.

Are Electric cars the future?

The future of electric vehicles in India – A detailed study

Looking towards technological advancement, the next decade is expected to be the decade of the fully electric car. The battery prices have fallen to 73% in 2020 and are expected to be as cheap as gasoline models by 2025.

According to reports, currently, the major focus is to triple the Battery manufacturing capacity by the next four years. Thus, The Future Of Electric Cars is quite blooming and prospering.

What percentage of cars will be electric by 2025?

As per the source, EV sales is expected to climb to 44.6% by 2025 giving a value-added boost to the charging infrastructure as well as state incentive.

Wondering, How Long Will Electric Cars last?

It is predicted that electric vehicles will last from 10 – 20 years before they need to be replaced. So if you are planning to make a purchase, certainly this could be a worthy investment that will contribute to nature as well reap the heap in future.

Let’s discuss about the pros and cons of electric vehicles in India-

Electric cars pros

    • Reduces the carbon footprint

According to the EPA, A typical passenger vehicle emits about 4.6 metric tons of carbon dioxide per year within a range of 22-miles per gallon.

On the other hand, in the case of non-hybrid electric cars in India, they emit nearly zero tons of carbon dioxide that makes the environment clean and sustainable. The concept of electric vehicles in India market resembles the source of renewable energy like solar power that doesn’t release harmful oxidants to nature.

    • Superior Quality of Performance

EV vehicles in India are known for their superior quality of performance that operates smoothly and quietly, unlike petrol based vehicles. Moreover, it consumes limited energy when stopping and starting vehicles at traffic signals. Isn’t that great?

    • Less expensive and requires lesser maintenance

According to AutoTrader.com,  eco friendly cars in India are quite inexpensive and no longer use oil to lubricate the engine. Besides that, it is easier on brakes as well as requiring lesser brake replacement. Beyond fuel saving benefits, the cost of maintenance of pads or any is also lesser than gasoline based vehicles.

    • Reduces BoP deficit

Electric cars are the most fruitful investment for a developing country like India that will reduce the BoP deficit. Do you know in 2019-20, India imported crude oil worth 120 billion dollars? That’s way more costly, but with the replacement of eco friendly vehicles, this cost can also be brought down.

Electric cars Cons

    • Electric cars have a shorter range

Although the Future Of Electric Cars is quite overwhelming but it can get between 60 and 100 miles on a full charge. Based on the size of tank or fuel efficiency, one can make it up to 400 miles on a tank of gas.

    • Battery charge up takes time

Compared to fuel based vehicles, electric vehicles take a significant time to charge up at the gas station. For instance, electric vehicles in India require nearly 20 hours to fully charge the vehicle. However, it may vary as per the type of model. Additionally, it will be great if you charge a vehicle in your garage that helps you to cut down your charging time.

    • Lack of infrastructure

This is the major concern for electric vehicles. No matter how advanced the model be, an infrastructure facility is a must. Lots of EV stations are located on the side of the road or in parking. But, you won’t find the same in all the cities. Because, the more the charging point, the more will be the usage of electric people.

However, electric vehicle companies in India are trying hard to set up a seamless infrastructure facility to facilitate electric vehicles and enable charging at any point in time, anywhere.

The Final Word

Electric cars offer plenty of opportunity to replace the non renewable source of energy with sustainable resources. Initially, it may take time, but once, it gets started, there’s no going back.

Companies from all over the world are trying hard to penetrate the market and bring the best and most convenient electric car to every corner of the world.

Don’t miss out on such an incentive and get ready to accept electric cars in your routine!

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