Future technologies in upcoming years

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Ideas are popping up in the market at a much faster pace than ever and there will be nothing wrong in saying that almost every day, people are coming up with new ways to make the future bright.

Well, you can thank the evolution of the internet or people becoming more aware that we are now inundated with a long list of technological solutions. And the pace at which technological solutions are coming up in the market cannot be shrugged off. 

Technological solutions are affecting almost all the fields out there. You can take the example of the accounting field where technological solutions have moved the desktop installed accounting solution to the cloud computing solutions like QuickBooks Hosting and now the accounting industry is thriving on the multiple benefits of cloud computing. 

But what you are seeing today in the technological world is just a glimpse of what is going to come in the future. The future of technological solutions is very bright since many new and awesome technological solutions are going to come up in the market.

So, in this blog post, we are going to discuss the future technologies that might become a possibility in the future. 

Artificial eyes

Artificial eye

Well, this is not something that people have never thought about. You must have seen the use of bionic eyes in many movies but till now it has been a part of fiction only. But you will be surprised to know that in the upcoming years, we might see blind people being able to see without any type of eye donation as artificial eyes will be available and it will completely replace damaged eyes in the patient.

This will be one of the biggest achievements for medical science since till now, blind people have to depend on a donor for eye replacement. 

You should also know that it was the month of January 2021, when the first artificial cornea was implanted in a patient by an Israeli surgeon.

But this is just the start of what’s coming up in the next couple of years as the world of artificial eyes is looking very bright and more people will be able to see the world instead of being devoured by darkness. 

Human powered wearables 

Humans have been looking for a reliable source of energy or we can say a continuous source of energy without wasting too much cost and effort. Well, one of the most promising research in terms of energy production has been shown in the field of wearables where scientists have been working on converting the energy you produce during workouts or exercise and then using that energy to power wearable devices.

This means that soon, people will not need to plug in their devices to charge it as it will keep getting charged through your body only. 

The team working behind this project was able to fit thermoelectric generators into stretchable film bands and these bands can be worn on the wrist and this is where it will keep getting charged. But the best part about this project is the overall cost of making this product is less than $10. 

Flying taxis and drones for airports 

This is another promising future technology that will soon become a reality. You might be seeing flying taxis in the future as you see in many movies and cartoon episodes. Our congested cities are in desperate need of something that reduces the traffic and the relief might come from the air, not from the roads.

There are many people out there working on a completely different transport hub- one for flying taxis and another one for delivery through drones. You should also know that even the first Urban AirPort has already got funding from the UK government. 

This concept that is being funded by the UK government will be powered completely by hydrogen generators and the main motive behind using this concept is to reduce as many delivery cars and trucks as possible on the roads. The two companies Airbus and Hyundai are working on the vehicles that will be used in this type of funded project. 

Bricks that will store energy 

You will be completely dumbfounded to know that scientists have now found a way to store energy in bricks. A group of researchers in the US that can turn out to be the cheapest way to store energy and power any type of building, but currently on a small scale.

This means that the normal bricks used in making houses will be now turned into smart bricks and this is what will power many parts of the building. These smart bricks will be able to store energy just like a battery. 

Well, it’s completely true that the research is still in the proof-of-concept stage but with some progress, we can do wonders in this type of concept. The scientists working on this project claim that the walls that will be made from these bricks will be able to store enough energy and they can recharge almost hundreds to thousands of times in a day. 

Robotic guide dogs

This will be one of the greatest inventions for all the people who are visually impaired. All such people who are unable to keep a real pet will be now guided by robotic guide dogs and these dogs will make a big change in the market. A student has recently come up with the concept of robotic dogs. 

This product will replicate almost all the necessary functions of a guide dog and they are programmed in such a way that they can guide a person through the safest route by using the power of real-time data. 

There is a special control moment gyroscope used in these robotic guide dogs and these dogs move the user’s hand and lead them to the destination just like a guide dog. 

The future of technologies is very bright and soon, you will see the market being inundated with a long list of technological solutions. 

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